Future Planning

The point system is the current way to measure mutual obligations. It is a maximum of 60 points for single mothers, a variation for other people, which is a 100 points maximum requirement.

Key Points

  • A single parent or other principal carers = 60 (maximum) points per month. It also applies to people aged 55 or older and or with partial capacity to work.
  • Other life circumstances can further reduce the required points per month. Such as location, personal trauma and events, no access to childcare
  • If you're over 55, you can do voluntary work.
  • It would be best if you asked for a variation in points. No one will offer it to you, even if they know you may be eligible.
  • If you cannot afford fuel to travel to an appointment, your provider must give you a fuel voucher or meet you online.
  • Family Violence exemptions are 16 weeks with options for extension.

If you are studying full-time ask for a reduction and be prepared to argue. The Department tells us full-time study will be enough to meet the points requirement.

We continue to seek a fairer system, especially for women affected by gender violence. Currently, exemptions are for 16 weeks with a review. Our position is 12 months whilst there are mutual obligations but Raising children alone or negotiating shared care is 'enough of an obligation.

Accessing the person-in-office version (Workforce Australia Services)
Those referred to this service will have an appointment with the staff at Services Australia. Any person eligible for online services but prefers to deal with a person can opt out of online services. This can be done by themselves online or by contacting the Department's contact centre.

Using the self-managed system (Workforce Australia Online)
It gives anyone access to online tools, information and training to help them move into employment.  It is accessible through a MyGov account.

National Customer Service Line
If you have a concern about your employment services Provider, you should raise it with your provider in the first instance. If you feel like you are unable to talk with your service provider, you can contact the Employment Services National Customer Service Line on 1800 805 260 (free call from landlines) or email

The maximum number of points that single mothers require per month is 60. Remember to ask about financial assistance for work-ready skills and to attend appointments.
Exemptions not to undertake mutual obligations due to Family and Domestic Violence are a minimum of 16 weeks and you may ask for an extension.