SMFA knows that housing, housing stress, homelessness, short-term leases, and soaring rents are a constant pressure and fear.

SMFA also knows the cost of relocation, the inability to locate alternative housing is a constant fear. We know that women enter into unsafe housing options and or return to the place of abuse just to keep a roof over their family’s heads.

SAMF has not taken on a leadership role in advocacy as there are specialist and expert housing voices and national alliances that are better placed to advance the critical need for affordable and safe housing.

SMFA resources are listed on this page and we are aware that it this will only help only a few and only for a short period.

SMFA supports Every Body’s Home. Click here:

Every Body’s Home

The Centre for Women’s Economic Safety Ltd (CWES) offers free Money Clinics for women, non-binary and gender diverse people concerned about their finances in the context of domestic and family violence. Click here

Centre for Women’s Economic Safety Ltd (CWES)

Worried about housing and a victim-survivor of gendered violence? Search 1800 Service Directory for housing services near you or contact 1800RESPECT for a referral on 1800 737 732 or through online chat.Click here


Money and property
Working out how to divide your money and property after a relationship breakdown can be stressful. Usually after separation it is fair that property is shared, however the way that it is shared will depend on your individual circumstances. It may not matter that the property may only be in one person’s name, and even if you earn little or no money, you may still have rights to property.

Money and Property Information
Housing - Ask Izzy
Homeless Financial Support - Ask Izzy
Homeless Shelters - Ask Izzy
Community Housing
Looking for housing

Rent Assistance
A regular extra payment if you pay rent and get certain payments from us.

Rent Assistance

Get Help Paying the Bond
State and territory governments offer interest free loans to help people on lower incomes pay their bond.

ACT Rental Bond Help
NSW Rentstart Bond Loan
NT Rental Set-up Help
QLD Guide to Bond Loans
SA Help Paying Bond and Rent
TAS Private Rent Assistance
VIC Rent Assist Bond Loan
WA Bond Assistance Loan Scheme
Tenants Services

Buying a house The Home Guarantee Scheme (HGS) is an Australian Government initiative to support eligible home buyers to purchase a home sooner. The Scheme is administered by the National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation (NHFIC) on behalf of the Australian Government Click here:

Buying a House

Family Home Guarantee Supporting eligible single parents with at least one dependent child to purchase a home sooner Click here:

Family Home Guarantee

Regional First Home Buyer Guarantee Click here:

Fact Sheets

First Home Owner Grant Click here:

General Information

First home super saver scheme Click here:

First home super saver scheme